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Graduate student studies in coffee shop

Review Skills for Success

Online learning is a flexible way to complete a degree, but it does take time and dedication. The following standards will help you succeed as you study online:

Academic Integrity Policy

Online students abide by the Cedarville University Academic Integrity Policy. Read this policy before beginning your coursework. We expect honesty and integrity from all Cedarville students, including those studying online. Keeping a clean record provides a foundation for succeeding in your studies.

Responsibility for Learning

Online students take ownership of their learning. You are a member of a learning community that uses technology to connect with your professors and other students. Your professors have invested time and energy in designing effective courses and will be working with you as you complete the courses. But they can’t learn for you. Learning takes focus, dedication, and sacrifice. Take ownership of your studies and you’ll be prepared to succeed.

Time Management

Online students reserve the time they need to succeed in their studies. Set aside structured, intentional time to work on course activities each week. The amount of time will vary depending on the course and level, but they will require at least six hours each week. Graduate and adult courses may require up to 16 hours each week. Make sure you investigate the time commitment for each course and plan your schedule accordingly.

Communication Etiquette

Online students communicate effectively and cordially according to the Cedarville University Online Etiquette Expectations Policy. Technology enables us to communicate with people no matter how far away we are, but effective communication takes effort. Read this policy before beginning your coursework, so you do your part to communicate well.

Computer and Technology Updates

Online students keep their computers and technical knowledge up-to-date. Information Technology (IT) provides minimum technology requirements. Later in this orientation, IT will provide additional resources. Keeping your computer up-to-date and using the recommended software will help ensure you’re always able to complete course requirements.