One Thousand Days Transformed - The Campaign for Cedarville

Delaney Zartman

Delaney Zartman

Admissions Counselor

If I were a CU student ... I would try to make the most out of every resource provided to me during my time on campus, both academically and recreationally! Cedarville has so many unique activities, organizations, events, and prospects available to you as a student. The intentionality behind a lot of these varying aspects is to cultivate an amazing college experience for the students that are on our campus. Taking full advantage of Cedarville’s offered benefits can help assist you with differing endeavors in your personal and professional life, as well.

What is the best restaurant in the area? Mom and Dad’s Dairy Bar and Grill has (hands down) the best milkshakes, jubilees, and comfort food. Located right around the corner from Cedarville University, the food and service they provide truly can’t be beat.

What sets CU apart from other colleges and universities? I attended a different University for my first two years of college; it was secular, public, and had a much bigger enrollment class. Transferring to Cedarville University changed and shaped my life into what it is today! Not only did my walk with the Lord flourish, my perspective on life after college, ministry, my future, and community did as well. The professors’ level of intentionality and care toward their students is something that sets Cedarville apart time and time again. These relationships can be a huge blessing for years to come, as felt in my own life!

Hometown? Columbus, Ohio

Degree? B.S. in Social Work

Best place to visit around Cedarville? The Historic Clifton Mill is a quaint, vintage mill with a covered bridge, ‘40’s-era gas station and a fun eatery attached! It’s the best to see in the wintertime, but a guaranteed fan favorite during the warmer seasons as well.

Bucket list item? A trip to Israel (one day)