Joseph Marshall

Admissions Counselor

If I were a CU student….I would get involved with a discipleship group or a Bible study group. Cedarville gives students an amazing opportunity to grow in their walk with the Lord right here on campus, which cannot be found almost anywhere else. Not only is this a great opportunity for your time at Cedarville, but it teaches you how to study the Word and build up fellow believers even once you leave Cedarville. I would also take advantage of the many opportunities for academic and extracurricular involvement that are open to Cedarville students. Being able to get involved in things you enjoy while having a Christ-centered focus within them is truly an amazing gift.

What is the best restaurant in the area?

Orion Coffee and Tea has been my favorite place to get coffee and bagels, both now and as a student. The coffee there is amazing (specifically their iced Americanos), and their smoothies are a perfect alternative to the caffeine of the other drinks. The space and environment is perfect for studying, doing work, studying the Word, or just having a conversation with friends. Not to mention the outside seating is great for getting some sun!

What sets CU apart from other colleges and universities?

The focus on Christ throughout the entire campus is what I am always astounded and encouraged by. Every single class meeting, the professors pray with their students and always seek to honor Christ with the example they set for their students. So many students are involved in discipleship groups and Bible studies, even creating their own informal Bible studies just to continue to dig deeper into the word. Most importantly, students gather together every day in chapel to worship the Lord and learn from His Word. Students agree it’s the most important thing on campus.

Hometown? Joliet, IL

Degree? B.A. in Music education

Best place to visit around Cedarville?

My favorite place definitely has to be downtown Dayton. It’s not too far away, and it has amazing places to get coffee, eat, and just go for a walk. My favorite coffee shop in Dayton is Press, which makes the best cortado I’ve ever had. I also enjoy walking through the shops at 2nd Street Market, especially the various vendors that sell fresh-made sourdough baguettes and croissants. I also love to bowl at Poelking Lanes, even though I’ve never bowled over 130 in my life.

Bucket list item?

See Mount Pilatus in Switzerland. Or bowl above 130.

Territories? Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio zip codes 440,441,442,446,447