One Thousand Days Transformed - The Campaign for Cedarville

Hope Strayer

Hope Strayer

Associate Director of Recruitment Operations


If I were a CU student... I would get involved in the many different opportunities here at Cedarville! There are intramural sports, musical ensembles, various different clubs, and discipleship groups. The possibilities abound at Cedarville!

What is the best restaurant in the area? I am all about Colonial’s pepperoni pizza.

What sets CU apart from other colleges and universities? Christ is at the center of an education at Cedarville. This is what stood out to me during my first campus visit. We stand for the Word of God and the Testimony of Jesus Christ and that touches every aspect of your Cedarville experience. While Cedarville prides itself on rigorous academic programs; we don’t want a profession to be the only thing you learn during your time here. We want you to grow deeper in your relationship with Jesus and to be set out upon the world with a mission to glorify God and to advance his Kingdom.

Hometown? Spotsylvania, Virginia

Degree? Bachelors of Arts in Music

Best place to visit around Cedarville? Go hiking at the Indian Mounds or Clifton Gorge!

Bucket list item? Write a book. One is already in progress!