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Match Your Gift

Over 1,500 employers in the U.S. will match the contributions of their employees to accredited colleges and universities.

Does your employer match gifts? Use the form below or visit this page to find out.

  • Find out what amount they will match
  • Find out what programs they will support
  • Find out what process you need to follow
See if your employer matches gifts

Enter your employer or company name:

If your employer will match your contribution, they might require Cedarville to verify your gift and complete a matching gift form. Please complete your portion of that form and mail to:

Advancement Services
Cedarville University
251 N. Main St.
Cedarville, OH 45314

Matching gift forms may be completed after a gift is received and receipted, but they should be submitted within the time period specified by your employer. If you register your gift with your employer by phone, they will confirm your gift with Cedarville as well.

In most gift circumstances, the matching gift from an employer will follow the designation of the original gift. Some employers ask that their matching gift remain unrestricted. In those cases their gift is credited toward the Cedarville Fund.

Thank you for taking advantage of this program and advancing the cause of Cedarville even more.