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Online Services - Email for Life (EFL)

Cedarville University offers ongoing email services for former students! "Email for Life "(EFL) is not just a forwarding service; alumni have an actual Google mail account at Cedarville. If you would prefer to use our forwarding service rather than having an actual email account at Cedarville, contact us.

How do I get an EFL account?

Starting in 2013, students who graduate will automatically have an EFL account. Other alumni may set up an EFL account online. There is no charge for EFL.

How do I access my EFL email? - you can use a web browser to connect.

Who qualifies for an account?

Anyone who has earned academic credit from Cedarville University is eligible to have an email account. (The University reserves the right to deny an account for anyone with past-due financial obligations or for other reasons at the University's discretion.)

What password should I use to access my EFL account?

Your CedarNet password will also be used for EFL.

What email address will I have?

You will keep whatever username you currently have (i.e., the username that you use to access CedarInfo or the alumni directory). EFL messages addressed to you should use either of the following formats:

The return address which will appear on all mail sent from your EFL account will show ''.

May I change my username?

You may change your username online. Changing your username will also change your email address.

How long will I be able to have the account?

It is the University's intent to provide this service for an extended period of time ("for life"), but the University reserves the right to terminate the entire "Email for Life" offering at any time. Individual accounts may be terminated at the University's discretion.

How long will my messages remain in my mailbox?

How long messages remain in your mailbox is determined by Google policy. At this point, messages are never deleted from Google mail accounts.

Will Cedarville University send email to my EFL account?

The University will exercise caution in sending email to your "Email for Life" account. Any email sent will be for official University business only. Your EFL address will not be sold or given away to outside individuals or organizations.

How can I find email addresses for other alumni or faculty and staff member?

You can look up email addresses for alumni who have chosen to release their addresses by using the online alumni directory. You may want to go into the directory and make your own email address visible to others.

Faculty and staff members may be found using Find a Person.

What are my responsibilities in using the account?

The EFL account should not be used for sending spam, harassing messages, or messages with unethical or illegal purposes. Messages sent from the account should be honoring to the Lord in content and tone.

How much storage space will be allocated to my account?

Each EFL account has unlimited storage through Cedarville University's current participation in Google Apps for Education. Email attachments are limited to 25 megabytes each.

What if I want to stop using my account?

You can terminate your EFL account online. You may re-activate your EFL account later if you choose; however, messages and calendar entries in your original account may be lost.

Email for Life: Being Part of the Cedarville University Family

We are excited about the additional features offered in Google Apps and hope you enjoy its resources as well. If you have remaining questions or concerns, please contact the alumni relations office at 1-888-CEDARVILLE (233-2784) or information technology at (937) 766-7905.