Online Services - E-mail Forwarding

Alumni have two ways to maintain a Cedarville University e-mail address:

  • E-mail Forwarding
  • E-mail for Life (EFL)

E-mail forwarding is a method for having e-mail that is sent to your Cedarville address automatically forwarded to an address that you specify. Details are given below.

E-mail for Life (EFL) is an actual e-mail service where the e-mail is placed on a server at Cedarville and can be accessed from any web browser. Learn more information about EFL.

E-mail Forwarding

All alumni can now have e-mail forwarding from a Cedarville account for life. Use this function to forward e-mail to your personal or work e-mail address. Your Cedarville address that you will hand out to others will be something like


depending on whether you have changed your CedarNet login user name or setup an e-mail alias. Once you reserved your user name or e-mail alias, it will be yours for life. If you change your ISP (internet service provider) or you want the forwarding to be switched to a different e-mail address, you can modify the forwarding address at anytime. Note that the last portion of the e-mail address can be either "" or "".

If you have your current CedarInfo password, proceed to Setup e-mail forwarding

Request a Cedarinfo password:

  1. Go to the Fetch Password screen.
  2. Enter your ID number or CedarNet login name (Use the number found directly above your name on your Inspire mailing label. Use a total of seven digits, even if the first few are zeroes.)
  3. Enter your social security number.
  4. Click on Submit Request.
  5. A new password will be generated and will be sent to the e-mail address on file. You will generally receive your password within a few minutes.


Setup e-mail forwarding:

  1. Go to the Cedarinfo log-in screen.
  2. Enter CU CedarInfo login name.
  3. Enter your CU CedarInfo password.
  4. Under the Individual Transactions category, click on "Set your e-mail forwarding address." (If you don't have this option, click on "Refresh my menu groups.")
  5. Enter your Internet Service Provider e-mail address (for example,
  6. Enter today's date (or the date you would like to begin using the forwarding option).
  7. Enter a date for the forwarding to stop (optional).
  8. Click on Submit Change.


You can change your CedarNet login user name (and e-mail address) through CedarInfo:

  1. Return to the Cedarinfo page by clicking on [Main Menu].
  2. Click on "Change your user name (login name)".
  3. Click on "Continue".
  4. Select the user name you would like to use.
  5. Click on "Submit Choice".


If you prefer using a different name in your CU e-mail address (rather than your current CedarInfo login name):

  1. Return to the Cedarinfo page by clicking on [Main Menu].
  2. Click on "Set your e-mail alias (for receiving Internet e-mail)".
  3. Select the alias you would like to use.
  4. Click on "Submit Choice".