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Camp Electric

July 21-25, 2013

CAMP ELECTRIC IS a worship and rock and roll event. To attend Camp Electric students must be between the ages of 13 and 19 at the time of camp.

Camp Electric’s belief is that actual music (no lyrics) is amoral; That is, neither moral nor immoral. However, song lyrics have the ability to speak life or death. The main difference of our camp is that we encourage all of our students, whether they are pursuing secular or Christian music, to pursue their walk with Christ first. We actually encourage all types of music-Christian and secular. With that said, we also teach kids that the lyrics we meditate on and the artists we admire do matter. There will be no explicit lyrics at Camp Electric or admiration for artist that use them. In addition, all instructors at Camp Electric have personally given their testimony of Jesus Christ and seek to use their music to glorify Him.

Camp Electric has designed its program to come alongside the local church to assist in the development and growth of Christian musicians. While Camp Electric is only one week, we package what we believe will be the necessary tools and resources to help each individual/band in their development to attain to the highest level of musicianship.

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