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Bach's Lunch: Winifred Horan

November 16, 2012 from 12:00 p.m.

Bach's Lunch: Winifred Horan is among the world's most celebrated traditional Irish fiddlers. Born and raised in New York of Irish parents, she began fiddle and dance lessons in the bustling Irish scene in New York in the 1970?s. Throughout these years she participated in many competitions in the US and Ireland, winning an All-Ireland Championship on fiddle at the age of 11 and the US National Dance Championships a record nine years in a row.

Simultaneously she pursued a path in classical music and graduated from the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston. This synergy of classical and traditional backgrounds informs Winifred's inimitably virtuosic and fiery performance style.

With multi-instrumentalist Seamus Egan she co-founded Solas, the critically acclaimed Irish-American band noted for its stunning live performances and nuanced musicianship.

Bach's Lunch: Winifred Horan. Bach's Lunch is a series of lunch time concerts for the music lover. Bring a sack lunch (water only, please) to the Recital Hall and enjoy an informal concert while you dine. Hope you can join us for the fun! (Warning: Concerts may or may not contain the music of Bach.)

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