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Logos - Reformed Singles Conference

June 26-29, 2013

Storms can be fascinating to watch o the weather channel or on Youtube. Brilliant displays of lightning and powerful twisting tornadoes can invoke a sense of awe and wonder from a safe distance.

But what happens when you are in the middle of a storm? What do you do when you are flooded with wave after wave of trials, troubles, and temptations? How do we respond when we feel like we are drowning in sorrows, flooded with fears, and swamped with life's difficulties?

Learn from God's word who is the Lord of the storms, both physical and the spiritual storms of life. Let's learn together how Jesus wants us to respond in the storms of life for His glory and for our good.

Our keynote speaker will be C.J. den Dulk, the senior pastor at Trinity CRC in Sparta, MI, where he has been serving since 1992. Pastor den Dulk has been a frequent speaker at the RYS national youth convention and other events.

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