University Brand

Maintaining a high-quality, consistent brand is a University-wide effort and is essential to marketing success. The Marketing and Communications Division strives to empower faculty, staff, and students to accomplish this goal.

Please follow these guidelines when using the University brand:

  • Always use official logo files downloaded from this site.
  • Follow all design rules when using logos.
  • Follow all copy rules when writing/editing text.
  • Submit final artwork (PDF) to creative services for review and approval.

Personality and Culture

Adequately describing the Cedarville University personality and culture is a difficult task. The following statements and explanations are meant to assist in communicating who we are to internal and external audiences.

Cedarville is Christ-Centered.

Our faith is not a label or a surface treatment; it is our lifeblood and permeates all aspects of the university, its programs, and its people. Missions and ministry are integrated into every facet of the Cedarville experience.

Cedarville is Rigorous.

Excellence is expected from everyone at Cedarville. We provide students in each of our 111 areas of study the resources and support necessary to meet our community's high standards for academic achievement. Graduates emerge from Cedarville well-prepared to succeed in a highly competitive professional environment. As a result, we are taking our well-earned place as one of the nation's best colleges.

Cedarville is Intentional.

Cedarville is committed to the development of the whole person. From our student life initiatives to our curriculum design, all of our structures and strategies have been developed to produce graduates who possess the expertise and character needed to engage their professional, social, and political spheres-of-influence with truth from God's unchanging Word.

Cedarville is Balanced.

We are committed to maintaining complex balances without compromising our doctrinal or philosophical distinctives. We produce graduates who are trained to be "in the world, but not of it." We are ambitious, but not elitist. We are conservative, but not old-fashioned. We are relevant, but not relativistic.

For security purposes, the download section of the website is only accessible to faculty and staff. External constituents may request files by emailing Chad Jackson, Creative Director.

For additional information on the University's brand, please contact Chad by calling 937-766-7809 or by email.