University Seal Guide

As the school's official seal, the crown is one of Cedarville's oldest and most enduring symbols. Although best known by older alumni, the crown is still recognized by current faculty, staff, and students as an official Cedarville symbol.

The official seal is meant to be used only on formal applications and MUST be approved through marketing. Primary applications are:

  • Commencement Program
  • Diploma
  • President's Report
  • Presidential Events
  • Correspondence Checks
  • Invoices
  • Transcripts
  • Formal University Bookstore Memorabilia

The official seal can be printed in blue (PMS 2955), gold (PMS 130), black, or white. See the following examples for proper color use. The use of gold ink or foil may be approved by marketing in certain circumstances.

The seal is an academic trademark used primarily to authenticate University documents. Consequently, this mark is the most formal symbol for Cedarville University and should be treated as such. The seal should in no way be distorted or altered. This includes changing the font or words on the seal.

Sample University Seal Images

The seal can be sized down to a minimum diameter of 3/4".

Sample 3/4 Inch Seal

Due to the seal's limitations of use, digital files are not available to be downloaded. All requests for use must be made by email.