University Sub-Brand Guide — Centers, Schools, Academic and Staff Departments

The Cedarville sub-brand logos are made up of the "sub-brand descriptor," the "sub-brand name," the "university descriptor," and the "pillar" mark. In cases where there is no "sub-brand descriptor," only the "pillar" mark and "university descriptor" need to be used. These components are always held in a fixed relationship and should never be altered, modified, or reproduced in any way.

Variations of all sub-brand logos include a text-only option and a one-color option. To obtain your specific sub-brand logo, please contact Creative Services.

Centers, schools, and academic and staff departments are not permitted to develop their own logo. However, there is freedom for unique sub-branding under the University brand.

Sub-Brand Sample Logo


Sample Center Logos


Sample School Logos

Academic Department Samples

Sample Academic Department Logos

Staff Department Samples

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