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2008-09 Scholarships & Grants


Cedarville University recognizes and rewards students who have achieved outstanding academic success. In addition to scholarships, we are committed to providing a challenging academic environment with an intensive honors program, attentive faculty, and a wide variety of cocurricular opportunities.


Opportunities to develop leadership skills abound at Cedarville. Leadership Scholarships are awarded in a competitve basis to incoming freshmen and transfer students for the fall semester. Successful applicants will clearly evidence possession of significant leadership skills.

Program Specific

Program-specific scholarships are associated with participation in select academic programs and are awarded by the program director.

Church and Ministry

At the heart of Cedarville University's mission is the passion to equip students for life-long leadership and service. Church and ministry grants support that mission by partnering with local churches and assisting families serving in full-time ministry.

Cedarville Family

These awards assist families who are part of the heritage and legacy of Cedarville University. Students whose parents, grandparents, or siblings are alumni or who have a sibling currently attending Cedarville may be eligible.


We are committed to creating a campus community that reflects the body of Christ. These scholarships are designed to support the Cedarville University diversity policy and fulfill the University's diversity directives.


Our athletics program promotes character development, healthy competition, campus unity, and above all, an environment where athletes are encouraged to honor God with their skills. Athletic scholarships are awarded to top-performing athletes on an individual basis.


Tuition Remission, Jobs on Campus, donor-funded scholarships, and other specialized scholarships and grants are available.