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Social Sciences Citation Index (Web of Science)
  • Description: Social Sciences Citation Index (ISI) provides access to current bibliographic information and cited references, covering more than 1700 of the world's leading social sciences journals in a broad range of disciplines. It also covers individually selected, relevant items from leading natural and physical science journals. The ISI Citation Databases collectively index more than 8,000 high quality, peer-reviewed journals cover-to-cover, providing complete bibliographic data, searchable author abstracts (science and social sciences), and cited references. Researchers can search the citation data (the footnotes of each article), taking a known, relevant paper and finding other, more recent papers that cite it. Subjects covered include, but are not limited to: Anthropology. Area studies. Business. Communication. Demography. Economics. Education. Environmental studies. Ethnic studies. Family studies. Geriatrics. Health policy. History. Industrial relations. Information Science & Library Science. International relations. Language & linguistics. Law. Management. Nursing. Philosophy. Planning and development. Political science. Psychiatry. Psychology. Public administration. Rehabilitation. Social work. Sociology. Substance abuse. Transportation. Urban studies. Womens studies.
  • Coverage: 1965-