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SGA: Final Chapel Celebration — 4/22/2020

Today's LIVE and final SGA Chapel looks back at God's faithfulness during this time of uncertainty, and celebrates the graduating senior class.

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True Strength (Rebroadcast) — 4/21/2020

John Onwuchekwa, Lead Pastor at Cornerstone Church in Atlanta, Georgia, teaches from Mark 14:32-42 that true strength comes from total surrender. Pastor John encourages us to invite others into our weakness and vulnerability, and experience the true grace of God that comes with surrender to Him. (This message was originally broadcast on November 28, 2018.)

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Summary of Nehemiah — 4/20/2020

Thomas White

Dr. Thomas White concludes his "Faithful" series from the Book of Nehemiah, reminding us that if we are faithless, God remains faithful. Dr. White serves as President of Cedarville University.

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He Who Has the Son Has Life — 4/17/2020

Isaac Dye

Isaac Dye, Student Government Association Chaplain at Cedarville University, teaches from 1 John 5:11-13 that the Triune God gives life to those who believe in Jesus' name.

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The Basics of Discipleship: Avoid Temptation (Rebroadcast) — 4/16/2020

Dr. Mark Dever

Dr. Mark Dever shares the wisdom found in Proverbs 7 to help us avoid sin and temptation. Dr. Dever serves as Senior Pastor of Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington, D.C. (This message was originally broadcast on November 7, 2018.)

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Soul Care — 4/15/2020

Dan DeWitt

Dr. Dan DeWitt lifts our hearts with a message from Psalm 103. During times of uncertainty, we must cast our gaze upon God and remember his blessings, forgiveness, love, and sovereignty. Dr. DeWitt serves as Director of the Center for Biblical Apologetics and Public Christianity at Cedarville University.

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The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert (Rebroadcast) — 4/14/2020

Rosaria Butterfield

Dr. Rosaria Butterfield shares her testimony of surrendering her heart and life to Jesus Christ. Through the kindness of believing friends, and her own intensive examining of God's Word, Dr. Butterfield came to recognize God's authority over her life, and turned from her life of lesbianism and gay rights activism. (This message was originally broadcast on April 4, 2018.)

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Remember Me, My God - Neh. 13:1-31 — 4/13/2020

Thomas White

Dr. Thomas White teaches from Nehemiah 13 that spiritual carelessness leads to evil actions with serious consequences. Dr. White serves as President of Cedarville University.

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Good News! — 4/10/2020

Thomas White

In this special Good Friday chapel message, Dr. Thomas White shares the good news of the Gospel from 1 Corinthians 15:3-5. Jesus has conquered sin and death! Dr. White serves as President of Cedarville University.

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The Battle Lines (Rebroadcast) — 4/9/2020

Mark Vroegop

Speaking from Colossians 3:1-4, Pastor Mark Vroegop implores us to be killing the sin in our lives. The battle is waged between our justification and our glorification. Rev. Vroegop serves as Lead Pastor at College Park Church, Indianapolis, IN. (This message was originally broadcast on August 21, 2017.)

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Jesus is Enough — 4/8/2020

Jon Wood

Dr. Jon Wood brings a message of encouragement and joy from Philippians 3:1-11. He declares that Jesus Christ is enough, and He is all we need. Dr. Wood serves as Vice President for Student Life and Christian Ministries at Cedarville University.

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Being Fearless in a Fearful World (Rebroadcast) — 4/7/2020

Don Lough, Jr.

Dr. Don Lough Jr. reminds us from Psalm 46 that when we experience fear and anxiety, we must remember that God is our refuge and strength. Dr. Lough serves as Executive Director of Word of Life Fellowship in Schroon Lake, New York. (This message was originally broadcast on February 13, 2018.)

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