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Course-Section Inquiry for Fall Semester 2011

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5126COM 1000 01Intro Communication ArtsWheeler, Margaret3.0  LEC SSC248 TR 12:30P-01:45P602634 View Textbook
5127COM 1100 01Fundamentals of SpeechStaff3.0  LEC BTS116 MWF 08:00A-08:50AInstructor Approval Required View Textbook
5128COM 1100 02Fundamentals of SpeechMcIntosh, Mischelle3.0  LEC MIL130 MWF 08:00A-08:50A25223 View Textbook
5129COM 1100 03Fundamentals of SpeechMoreland, Kurt D3.0  LEC MIL130 MWF 09:00A-09:50A25232 View Textbook
5130COM 1100 04Fundamentals of SpeechLopez, J. Michael3.0  LEC DMC102 MWF 09:00A-09:50A2525Full View Textbook
5131COM 1100 05Fundamentals of SpeechGreen, Derrick L3.0  LEC TYL204 MWF 11:00A-11:50A25223 View Textbook
5132COM 1100 06Fundamentals of SpeechWheeler, Margaret3.0  LEC BTS205 MWF 11:00A-11:50A2525Full View Textbook
5133COM 1100 07Fundamentals of SpeechMcIntosh, Mischelle3.0  LEC MIL132 MWF 11:00A-11:50A25241 View Textbook
5134COM 1100 08Fundamentals of SpeechHeritage, Heather J3.0  LEC BTS203 MWF 11:00A-11:50A25214 View Textbook
5135COM 1100 09Fundamentals of SpeechMoreland, Kurt D3.0  LEC BTS201 MWF 12:00P-12:50P25214 View Textbook
5136COM 1100 10Fundamentals of SpeechWheeler, Margaret3.0  LEC BTS205 MWF 12:00P-12:50P25241 View Textbook
5137COM 1100 11Fundamentals of SpeechHeritage, Heather J3.0  LEC DMC101 MWF 01:00P-01:50P25232 View Textbook
5138COM 1100 12Fundamentals of SpeechMoreland, Kurt D3.0  LEC BTS116 MWF 01:00P-01:50P2525Full View Textbook
5139COM 1100 13Fundamentals of SpeechWheeler, Margaret3.0  LEC BTS205 MWF 02:00P-02:50P2525Full View Textbook
5140COM 1100 14Fundamentals of SpeechKopf, Sharyn Marie3.0  LEC BTS206 MW 05:00P-06:15P251114 View Textbook
5141COM 1100 15Fundamentals of SpeechRussell, Katy E.3.0  LEC BTS208 TR 08:30A-09:45A25241 View Textbook
5142COM 1100 16Fundamentals of SpeechKopf, Sharyn Marie3.0  LEC TYL204 TR 08:30A-09:45A2525Full View Textbook
5143COM 1100 17Fundamentals of SpeechBentley, Katie Lynn3.0  LEC CAL201 TR 11:00A-12:15P25241 View Textbook
5144COM 1100 18Fundamentals of SpeechRussell, Katy E.3.0  LEC BTS206 TR 12:30P-01:45P2525Full View Textbook
5145COM 1100 19Fundamentals of SpeechBentley, Mark L3.0  LEC DMC101 TR 12:30P-01:45P25241 View Textbook
5146COM 1100 20Fundamentals of SpeechBentley, Mark L3.0  LEC DMC101 TR 02:00P-03:15P2525Full View Textbook
5147COM 1100 21Fundamentals of SpeechWheeler, Margaret3.0  ONL TBATBA TBA TBA -
Dates: 09/06/11-12/16/11
1521Full View Textbook
5148COM 1120 01Honors SpeechGreen, Derrick L3.0  LEC TBATBA TBA TBA - 1019 View Textbook
5149COM 1120 02Honors SpeechBentley, Mark L3.0  LEC TBATBA TBA TBA - 25520 View Textbook
5150COM 1230 01Voice for the PerformerBaker, Rebecca M3.0  LEC SSC248 MWF 09:00A-09:50A
LAB SSC111 MWF 09:00A-09:50A
20137 View Textbook
5151COM 2000 01Persuasive TheoryPhipps, James R3.0  LEC TYL202 MWF 01:00P-01:50P603822 View Textbook
5152COM 2050 01Communication TheoryElliott, Charles W3.0  LEC BTS203 MWF 12:00P-12:50P24186 View Textbook
5153COM 2140 01Intercultural CommunicationElliott, Charles W3.0  LEC DMC101 MWF 02:00P-02:50P452223 View Textbook
5154COM 2200 01Comm in Appl ContextsMoore, Matthew M2.0  LEC BTS103 TR 09:00A-09:50A25223 View Textbook
5155COM 2220 01Research in CommunicationLopez, J. Michael3.0  LEC LBLL TR 02:00P-03:15P241410 View Textbook
5156COM 2300 01Voices of DiversityGreen, Derrick L3.0  LEC TYL201 T 04:00P-06:50P601545 View Textbook
5157COM 2320 01Theories of Mass MediaElliott, Charles W3.0  LEC ENS340 MWF 09:00A-09:50A251312 View Textbook
5158COM 2410 01Fund Oral InterpretationMoore, Matthew M3.0  LEC BTS102 MWF 09:00A-09:50A30525 View Textbook
5159COM 3220 01Visual CommunicationMcIntosh, Mischelle3.0  LEC TYL207 TR 12:30P-01:45P20713 View Textbook
5160COM 3250 01InterviewingMoreland, Kurt D3.0  LEC BTS116 TR 02:00P-03:15P20812 View Textbook
5162COM 3330 01Organizational TrainingFranks, James3.0  LEC TYL204 M 05:00P-07:50P301020 View Textbook
5163COM 3450 01Forensics/Ind EventsGreen, Derrick L1.0  FE1 TBATBA TBA TBA - 20119 View Textbook
5164COM 3451 01Debate PracticumBentley, Mark L1.0  PRT TBATBA MW TBA - 20119 View Textbook
5165COM 3650 01Clin Meth Teaching SpeechPhipps, James R2.0  FLD TBATBA TBA TBA - 25223 View Textbook
5167COM 3810 01Political SpeechwritingHaffey, Deborah3.0  ONL TBATBA TBA TBA -
Dates: 09/06/11-12/16/11
15510 View Textbook
5168COM 4060 01Organizational LeadershipPhipps, James R3.0  LEC PAT103 MWF 09:00A-09:50A351223 View Textbook
5169COM 4110 01History Public AddressPhipps, James R3.0  LEC TYL202 MWF 02:00P-02:50P401624 View Textbook
5170COM 4820 01Senior Research ProjectGreen, Derrick L3.0$45 SEM MIL132 R 03:30P-04:45P1064 View Textbook
5171COM 4820 02Senior Research ProjectLopez, J. Michael3.0$45 SEM LB32 TR 03:30P-04:45P1010Full View Textbook
5172COM 4820 03Senior Research ProjectPhipps, James R3.0$45 SEM PAT103 TR 03:30P-04:45P1012Full View Textbook
6364COM 4900 02Internship-CommunicationsWheeler, Margaret3.0-12.0  FE1 TBATBA TBA TBA - Instructor Approval Required View Textbook

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