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Course-Section Inquiry for Spring Semester 2011

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7092ART 1210 01Drawing IGosser, Aaron3.0$40 LEC FA200 TR 11:00A-12:15P15141 View Textbook
7093ART 1210 02Drawing IBrown, Daniel R.3.0$40 LEC FA200 TR 12:30P-01:45P15105 View Textbook
7094ART 1220 01Drawing IIGosser, Aaron3.0$75 LEC FA100 MWF 11:00A-11:50A
LEC FA200 MWF 11:00A-11:50A
16124 View Textbook
7095ART 1230 01Design IChamberlain, Terry3.0$75 LEC FA100 TR 08:30A-09:45A16115 View Textbook
7096ART 1230 02Design IChamberlain, Terry3.0$75 LEC FA100 TR 11:00A-12:15P16133 View Textbook
7097ART 1230 03Design IChamberlain, Terry3.0$75 LEC FA100 TR 12:30P-01:45P16151 View Textbook
7098ART 2250 01Creative PhotographySternsher, Daniel M.3.0$50 LEC TYL105 TR 11:00A-12:50P15141 View Textbook
7099ART 3220 01Painting IIGosser, Aaron3.0$115 LEC FA240 TR 12:30P-01:45P1284 View Textbook
7100ART 3230 01WatercolorClevenger, Charles R2.0$115 LEC FA240 M 02:00P-04:10P1275 View Textbook
7101ART 3320 01Art History IIGosser, Aaron3.0  LEC TYL203 MWF 09:00A-09:50A30228 View Textbook
7102ART 3330 01Three-Dimensional DesignMellick, James D.3.0$100 LEC HRS105 WF 11:00A-12:50P1212Full View Textbook
8248ART 3330 02Three-Dimensional DesignMellick, James D.3.0$100 LEC HRS105 TR 01:00P-02:50P1275 View Textbook
7103ART 3410 01CeramicsGrimes, Bruce A.3.0$115 LEC NANA T 06:30P-09:20P14131 View Textbook
7104ART 3410 02CeramicsGrimes, Bruce A.3.0$115 LEC NANA R 06:30P-09:20P14131 View Textbook
7105ART 3610 01SculptureMellick, James D.3.0$125 LEC HRS105 WF 01:00P-02:50P1064 View Textbook
7106ART 4010 01StudioMellick, James D.3.0  LAB TBATBA TR 11:00A-12:15P15213 View Textbook
7107GDES 1150 01Digital Image/IllustrationMenges, Dylan3.0$50 LEC TYL103 TR 08:00A-09:50A15141 View Textbook
7108GDES 1220 01Digital Image/PhotographySternsher, Daniel M.3.0$50 LEC TYL105 TR 08:00A-09:50A15123 View Textbook
7109GDES 2601 01Intractv Intrface Dsgn W/FlashMenges, Dylan3.0$35 LEC TYL105 TR 01:00P-02:50P1212Full View Textbook
7110GDES 3110 01PortfolioFrame, Timothy A.1.0$145 SEM TYL103 M 01:00P-01:50P88Full View Textbook
7111GDES 3110 02PortfolioFrame, Timothy A.1.0$145 SEM TYL103 M 02:00P-02:50P88Full View Textbook
7112GDES 3220 01Graphic Design IFrame, Timothy A.3.0$50 LEC TYL103 TR 11:00A-12:50P17143 View Textbook
7113GDES 3220 02Graphic Design IFrame, Timothy A.3.0$50 LEC TYL103 TR 01:00P-02:50P17134 View Textbook
7114GDES 3230 01Production Design ISternsher, Daniel M.3.0$50 LEC TYL105 MF 08:00A-09:50A15123 View Textbook
8249GDES 3230 02Production Design ISternsher, Daniel M.3.0$50 LEC TYL105 MF 11:00A-12:50P15123 View Textbook
7115GDES 3300 01Web DesignMenges, Dylan3.0  LEC TYL103 WF 01:00P-02:50P16133 View Textbook
7116GDES 4230 01Production Design IIFrame, Timothy A.3.0$50 LEC TYL103 MF 11:00A-12:50P17152 View Textbook
7118GDES 4300 02Adv Web DesignMenges, Dylan3.0  ILB TYL105 WF 03:00P-04:50P1516Full View Textbook
7119GDES 4310 01Digital PortfolioMenges, Dylan1.0  SEM TYL103 T 03:00P-04:50P20128 View Textbook
8254GDES 4900 01Internship-Graphic DesignFrame, Timothy A.2.0-9.0  FE1 TBATBA TBA TBA - Instructor Approval Required View Textbook
7120IDES 1000 01Hist & Influences of DesignSternsher, Daniel M.3.0  LEC TYL107 MF 01:00P-02:50P20155 View Textbook
7121IDES 3310 01Fund Surface Development IOrr, James Douglas3.0$250 LAB JERNA TWR 09:00A-09:50A
Dates: 01/11/11-01/27/11
LAB JERNA TWR 01:00P-04:00P
Dates: 01/11/11-01/27/11
20317 View Textbook
7122IDES 3320 01Fund Surface Development IIOrr, James Douglas4.0  LAB JERNA TWR 09:00A-09:50A
Dates: 02/01/11-02/24/11
LAB JERNA TWR 01:00P-04:00P
Dates: 02/01/11-02/24/11
20317 View Textbook
7123IDES 3410 01Three-Dimensional CompositionOrr, James Douglas4.0  LAB JERNA TWR 09:00A-09:50A
Dates: 03/01/11-03/31/11
LAB JERNA TWR 01:00P-04:00P
Dates: 03/01/11-03/31/11
20317 View Textbook
7124IDES 3420 01Three-Dimensional PresentationOrr, James Douglas4.0  LAB JERNA TWR 09:00A-09:50A
Dates: 04/05/11-05/06/11
LAB JERNA TWR 01:00P-04:00P
Dates: 04/05/11-05/06/11
20317 View Textbook

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