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Course-Section Inquiry for Graduate Fall 2012 GS

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4031PHAR 6110 01Intro to Pharmacy PracticeSweeney, Marc A.1.0  LEC HSC201 R 01:00P-01:50P705317 View Textbook
4032PHAR 6111 01Epidemiology & Research DesignChen, Aleda Marie3.0  LEC HSC201 MTW 09:00A-09:50A705317 View Textbook
4033PHAR 6112 01Introduction to Self-CareFrame, Tracy Renee2.0  LEC HSC201 MW 01:00P-01:50P705317 View Textbook
4034PHAR 6121 01Pharmacy Practice Lab IBallentine, John E1.0  LAB HSC126 M 02:00P-04:50P1616Full View Textbook
4035PHAR 6121 02Pharmacy Practice Lab IBallentine, John E1.0  LAB HSC126 T 01:00P-03:50P1616Full View Textbook
4036PHAR 6121 03Pharmacy Practice Lab IBallentine, John E1.0  LAB HSC126 W 02:00P-04:50P16133 View Textbook
4037PHAR 6121 04Pharmacy Practice Lab IBallentine, John E1.0  LAB HSC126 R 02:00P-04:50P1688 View Textbook
4038PHAR 6130 01Medicinal BiochemistryGryka, Rebecca Jane4.0  LEC HSC201 MTWR 11:00A-11:50A705317 View Textbook
4039PHAR 6131 01Pharm Sciences-IRotello, Rocco Jamie5.0  LEC HSC201 MTW 08:00A-08:50A
LEC HSC201 R 08:00A-09:50A
705317 View Textbook
4040PHAR 6171 01Intro Pharm Pract Experience IThornton, Phillip L1.0  FLD HSC201 F 01:00P-05:00P705317 View Textbook

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