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Course-Section Inquiry for Spring Semester 2012

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 THTR 1420 01Intro Tech TheatreClements, Robert L.3.0$45 LEC SSC242 TR 12:30P-01:45P
LAB SSCTHTR TR 12:30P-01:45P
 THTR 1440 01Stagecraft IPhipps, Timothy J1.0  LEC SSCTHTR TBA TBA - 1587
 THTR 1450 01Stagecraft IIPhipps, Timothy J1.0  LEC SSCTHTR TBA TBA - 1587
 THTR 1460 01Theatre ParticipationClements, Robert L.1.0  PRT TBATBA TBA TBA - 1578
 THTR 1480 01Play ProductionClements, Robert L.3.0$50 LEC SSCTHTR MW 02:00P-03:15P201010
 THTR 2410 01Adv Performance TechniquesMoore, Matthew M3.0  LEC AL107 MWF 11:00A-11:50A15105
 THTR 2430 01Acting IBaker, Rebecca M3.0  LEC SSC111 MWF 11:00A-11:50A1293
 THTR 2430 02Acting IBaker, Rebecca M3.0  LEC SSC111 MWF 01:00P-01:50P1212Full
 THTR 2450 01Scenic DesignClements, Robert L.3.0$55 LEC SSC242 TR 02:00P-03:15P862
 THTR 2460 01Costume DesignJones, Donald3.0$50 LEC SSC112 MW 03:15P-04:30P88Full
 THTR 2470 01Makeup DesignJones, Donald2.0$50 LEC SSC112 T 03:30P-05:10P88Full
 THTR 2510 01Theatre of Social ChangeMerchant, Diane3.0  LEC SSC111 TR 12:30P-01:45P20713
 THTR 3430 01Theatre History IIMerchant, Diane2.0  LEC PAT103 MW 12:00P-12:50P30822
 THTR 3450 01Stagecraft IVJones, Donald1.0  LEC TBATBA TBA TBA - 15510
 THTR 3460 01Acting IIBaker, Rebecca M3.0  LEC SSC111 TR 02:00P-03:15P20812
 THTR 3470 01DramaturgyMerchant, Diane3.0  LEC PAT103 MWF 11:00A-11:50A1569
 THTR 3510 01Directing IIMerchant, Diane3.0  LEC AL107 MW 04:00P-05:15P1569
 THTR 3520 01Scenic PaintingClements, Robert L.3.0$75 SEM ALSCN TR 03:30P-05:30P862
 THTR 4630 01The Christian in TheatreBaker, Rebecca M2.0  SEM DMC157 TR 11:00A-11:50A1569
 THTR 4840 01Senior Theatre ProjectBaker, Rebecca M3.0$50 LEC TBATBA TBA TBA - 25025
 THTR 4840 02Senior Theatre ProjectMerchant, Diane3.0$50 LEC TBATBA TBA TBA - 25421

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