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7235ENG 1000 01Basic EnglishHill, Heather Nicole3.0  LEC TYL210 MWF 11:00A-11:50AInstructor Approval Required View Textbook
7236ENG 1000 02Basic EnglishFaulkner, Melissa S.3.0  LEC TYL106 MWF 01:00P-01:50PInstructor Approval Required View Textbook
7238ENG 1400 01CompositionHill, Heather Nicole3.0$25 LEC TYL106 MWF 09:00A-09:50A20155 View Textbook
7249ENG 1400 02CompositionWood, Michelle M.3.0$25 LEC TYL106 MWF 11:00A-11:50A2020Full View Textbook
7239ENG 1400 03CompositionMayeux, Isaac John3.0$25 LEC TYL101 MWF 11:00A-11:50A20911 View Textbook
7237ENG 1400 04CompositionMayeux, Isaac John3.0$25 LEC TYL101 MWF 12:00P-12:50P20146 View Textbook
7240ENG 1400 05CompositionFaulkner, Melissa S.3.0$25 LEC TYL106 MWF 12:00P-12:50P20182 View Textbook
7241ENG 1400 06CompositionHill, Heather Nicole3.0$25 LEC TYL101 MWF 01:00P-01:50P2020Full View Textbook
7243ENG 1400 07CompositionHill, Heather Nicole3.0$25 LEC TYL101 MWF 02:00P-02:50P20164 View Textbook
7242ENG 1400 08CompositionFaulkner, Melissa S.3.0$25 LEC TYL106 MWF 02:00P-02:50P20191 View Textbook
7244ENG 1400 09CompositionClark, Daniel David3.0$25 LEC TYL106 TR 08:30A-09:45A20164 View Textbook
7245ENG 1400 10CompositionBelliveau, Gregory3.0$25 LEC TYL101 TR 08:30A-09:45A20191 View Textbook
7246ENG 1400 11CompositionBelliveau, Gregory3.0$25 LEC TYL101 TR 11:00A-12:15P2021Full View Textbook
7247ENG 1400 12CompositionClark, Daniel David3.0$25 LEC TYL106 TR 11:00A-12:15P20137 View Textbook
7248ENG 1400 13CompositionGrandouiller, Louise3.0$25 LEC TYL101 TR 12:30P-01:45P2020Full View Textbook
7250ENG 1400 14CompositionClark, Daniel David3.0$25 LEC TYL101 TR 02:00P-03:15P20911 View Textbook
7251ENG 1400 15CompositionSullivan, Helena N3.0$25 ONL - 2028Full View Textbook
7253ENG 2070 01Fund of English GrammarMesser, Cynthia Kay3.0  LEC WI208 MWF 08:00A-08:50A25520 View Textbook
7254ENG 2220 01Intro to Creative WritingFutrell, Ryan Laurin3.0  LEC TYL102 MW 02:00P-03:15P1697 View Textbook
7255ENG 2230 01Advanced CompositionHeath, Kevin3.0  LEC WI215 TR 12:30P-01:45P1616Full View Textbook
7256ENG 3010 01Style & Mechanics-WritersHarner, Sandra W3.0  ONL - 15114 View Textbook
7257ENG 3030 01Creative Writing: FictionFutrell, Ryan Laurin3.0  LEC MIL110 T 04:00P-06:30P16142 View Textbook
7258ENG 3070 01Adv Gram Sec Engl TchrWood, Michelle M.3.0  LEC TYL204 MWF 01:00P-01:50P25178 View Textbook
7259ENG 3300 01Developmental ReadingGrigorenko, Margaret3.0$25 LEC APP116 MF 11:00A-12:50P18810 View Textbook
7260ENG 3550 01Wrtg Center Theory/TrainingMoore, Julie2.0  LEC TYL106 R 02:00P-03:50PInstructor Approval Required View Textbook
7261ENG 4040 01Advanced Workshop: PoetrySullivan, Helena N2.0  LEC WI215 M 05:00P-06:20P1064 View Textbook
7262ENG 4050 01Advanced Workshop: NonfictionHeath, Kevin2.0  LEC WI208 M 03:00P-04:20P1064 View Textbook
7263ENG 4345 01Creat. Writing: Pfolio/PerformFutrell, Ryan Laurin1.0  LEC TBATBA TBA TBA - 1028 View Textbook

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