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Kingdom Diversity Advisory Council 2021-22

The following faculty and staff members serve the president by offering advice on various diversity-related issues, encouraging a biblical understanding of diversity across campus, and growing Cedarville to look more like heaven than it does right now.
Photo of Carolyn Barnett

Carolyn Barnett

Associate Professor of Nursing
Photo of Derrick Green

Derrick Green

Chair of the Department of Communication, Assistant Professor of Communication
Photo of Kevin Jones

Kevin Jones

Dean of the School of Education, Assistant Professor of Education
Photo of Christine Kim

Christine Kim

Assistant Professor of International Studies
Photo of Mindy May

Mindy May

Associate Vice President for Student Development,
Photo of Patrick Oliver

Patrick Oliver

Associate Professor of Criminal Justice/Director o
Photo of Mark Owens

Mark Owens

Assistant Professor of New Testament Theology
Photo of Luke Tse

Luke Tse

Chair of the Department of Psychology, Professor of Psychology