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The Christian College Difference

March 29, 2017

studentsAs you work through the college decision process, you may be considering both Christian and secular universities. A recent article in the online Christian College Guide — The Christian College Difference — provides some key considerations to think through when making your decision.

As you consider Cedarville University, you’ll discover that we are not “Christian” in name only. From vibrant daily chapels, Christian professors who affirm the doctrinal statement annually, biblical integration in every course, a Bible minor built into all undergraduate programs, and a bold Gospel focus in everything we do, you’ll see that we stand unashamedly for the Word of God and Testimony of Jesus Christ.

Cedarville's distinctly Christian education will transform your student's life for godly service, vocational distinction, and cultural engagement.

P.S. If your student has been accepted to Cedarville, submit your reservation deposit to secure their spot in the incoming fall class. Students select their residence hall and register for classes in deposit-date order, so submit your deposit soon! We can't wait to welcome you and your student to campus in August!

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Cedarville Magazine Provides Helpful Creation Resources

March 27, 2017

Cedarville Magazine spring 2017

It’s the foundation for everything we stand for at Cedarville University: "In the beginning, God created the heavens and the Earth" (Gen. 1:1 ESV). We unashamedly adhere to a biblical, literal six-day view of creation. It’s foundational to every course, in every program. Cedarville is one of just a few Christian colleges that takes such a stand.

We’ve dedicated the latest edition of Cedarville Magazine to this important issue, and we’d like to share it with you. You’ll hear from Ken Ham, President and CEO of Answers in Genesis, on why believing in a literal six-day creation account is critical in Christian higher education. You’ll hear from our President, Thomas White, as he shares why it’s important theologically for us to believe in an actual Adam and Eve. You’ll hear from a Cedarville alumna working in the field, who explains how genetic mutations, often thought to prove evolution, really support the biblical account of creation. And you’ll hear from three of our professors, each who weighs in on his area of specialty.

As you read the magazine online, we hope you will see that Scripture is — and always has been — the core of everything we do, and be encouraged that it will be the core of your student’s Cedarville education as well.

P.S. You can access past issues of the Magazine in our digital archive. Recent themes include "Think Grad School, Think Cedarville," "We Believe," "In the Public Eye," and "1,000 Days."

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Summer Academic Camps

March 24, 2017

summer academic camps 2017

Your student’s college experience is just around the corner. It's time for them to explore their options, focus their dreams, and prepare for the future … all while having an unforgettable summer experience, full of new friends and great memories!

At Cedarville’s summer Academic Camps, students can spend a week at Cedarville exploring a career field that interests them. They can choose from art and design, athletic training, engineering, forensic science, geology, music, nursing, pharmacy, psychology, Spanish, theatre, worship, or writing!

While your student explores a career field, camp faculty will challenge them to make their career their calling. They will be challenged to consider how their gifts, skills, and interests can make a difference in this world for Christ. We've packed the schedule with fun activities, too, so students return home with new friends and great memories! 

Deadlines for the summer programs are approaching and some camps fill quickly! Find out more about how your student can apply and register to become a part of the Cedarville University summer experience today!

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An Inside View of Cedarville University From the President

March 22, 2017

Inside View logo

Each month our President, Dr. Thomas White, publishes an e-newsletter that shares his “Inside View” into all that is happening at Cedarville University. We'd like to share it with you.

This month you will read about our outstanding placement rates, exciting three-year options for some of our most popular degree programs, and how our pharmacy students are helping fight the opioid epidemic in Ohio. You'll also meet our two-time NCAA Indoor Track & Field 800-meter champion and watch a video about how God used a CUGO missions trip to take one pharmacy student back to China, where she discovered her past and her passion.

As you consider Cedarville for your son or daughter’s education, we hope this “Inside View” gives you a taste of what Cedarville is all about.

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