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Students Encouraged to Get Involved in a Local Church

February 25, 2021

ChurchCedarville University is privileged to care for the spiritual growth of some of the best university-aged students on our planet. We take this charge very seriously.

One of the elements in the spiritual growth dynamic here at Cedarville is seeing to it, as best we are able, that each student connects with a local church. The years of their academic training could leave them separated from any type of effective fellowship with the body of Christ, except for what takes place within the boundaries of our campus. Chapel is exciting and distinctive to a Cedarville education, but it does not take the place of the local church.

Read today's post to learn more about local churches that students call home away from home.

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Proof Positive: Announcing New Placement Rates

February 23, 2021

smiling graduatesYou’ve heard us talk a lot about the quality of a Cedarville education. We're excited to share new information that affirms the results of our efforts and the caliber of our students and alumni.

In a recent survey of our 2020 graduates, we found that an amazing 96.9% of the graduating class was either employed or in graduate school within six months of graduation, even in the middle of a global pandemic! And, our average for the last three years is 97.9% (2018 – 98.3%, 2019 – 98.5%, 2020 – 96.9%). Those are among the very best placement rates you will find and is well above national averages for colleges and universities. Employers seek out Cedarville graduates for their academic preparation, work ethic, and character. Our students are well-prepared to enter the workforce upon graduation. 

And, not only are our graduates prepared to obtain good jobs in desirable career fields, they are being equipped to serve God and share the message of the Gospel wherever He leads them. That’s what truly sets Cedarville apart.

P.S. Our Career Services office is one of the big reasons for our graduates' placement success. Career Services offers career fairs each year with hundreds of companies and graduate schools on campus to help students connect with potential employers and build a professional network. The Career Services office also supports students with resume preparation, interview training, internship placements, career interest surveys, advising on choice of major, and much more!

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The Benefit of a Liberal Arts Degree

February 18, 2021

GradsToo often the liberal arts get a bad rap! But, a report published several years ago in Inside Higher Ed, Liberal Arts Grads Win Long-Term, explores the personal benefits and career advantages that can be found in pursuing a liberal arts degree. And it's still as true today! 

Read today's post to see how Cedarville University is preparing students with a strong liberal arts core, plus a very important "value add" that really sets us apart.

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