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4 Reasons Why Teaching Creation at a Christian College Is Important

November 22, 2016

Creation: In the BeginningWhen it comes to their science departments, most Christian universities and colleges either ignore the issue of Creation and Genesis altogether, or they promote theistic evolution or some other harmonization of Genesis. There are only a handful of schools that believe that Genesis is historically accurate and forms a foundation for science, the Bible, and Christian education. 

In today's post, Dr. John Whitmore, Professor of Geology at Cedarville University, shares four reasons why Cedarville holds true to a biblical, literal six-day Creation, and why we always will.

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When Will My Student Receive a Financial Aid Package?

November 18, 2016

FAFSA logoWith changes to the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) opening date this year, universities like Cedarville are now able to award financial aid packages up to three months earlier than before.

The FAFSA opened on October 1 (instead of January 1), and families were able to use tax information from two years ago to complete it (known as prior-prior year or PPY). This allows you to complete your FAFSA much sooner, without having to wait until the current year tax information is complete.

The good news for students and their families is they will now know much sooner what the final cost of their education will be, allowing them to make their final college decision earlier in their senior year.

Cedarville University plans to send award notifications to new incoming students in January

If you have not yet completed the FAFSA, visit and complete it soon or check out our FAFSA filing instructions!

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Calculating the Cost of a College Education

November 17, 2016

Net Price CalculatorThe Net Price Calculator (NPC) is a fairly new feature added to financial aid office websites in 2011. Mandated by the federal government, this new online tool is available on every university website in the country, including Cedarville University's. 

Net price is defined as the price you actually pay after subtracting financial aid from a school's sticker price:  Net Price = Sticker Price – Financial Aid

The NPC is a tool financial aid offices offer to help prospective students and their parents estimate their net price of attending a college. Who wouldn't like that? Up to this point, determining a college's net price has been mildly confusing at best and nearly impossible at its worst.

The idea of using a calculator to quickly and easily determine your actual cost sounds like the perfect solution. The NPC offers some great benefits and is a helpful step in the right direction, but it may not be the complete answer that parents are looking for.

Read today's post to learn more about using a NPC, including some things to watch out for. 

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Reminder: Keys for Career Exploration Webinar Is Tonight!

November 14, 2016

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