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"CU LEAD" Conference Coming in January

November 2, 2016

Posted in Campus Visit Spiritual Growth Why Christ Centered Higher Education?

How Important Is a University's Doctrinal Statement?

October 31, 2016

Cedarville pillar logoLike your local church, Christian colleges all have a statement of beliefs. As you research and visit different institutions with your student, how important is it to consider each college's doctrinal statement?

First, know that a doctrinal statement provides the general framework within which the university will be offering its education. It is a good idea to review the statements (most are posted online) to make sure you are comfortable with the schools' beliefs. Have questions about what you read? This is a great opportunity to involve your pastor to provide insights.

Second, ask Christian universities if their faculty sign the doctrinal statement as a condition of employment. Not all do. Knowing that faculty will be teaching in line with the institution's stated beliefs provides a point of accountability to you as a parent. Are you comfortable that the faculty at the university will uphold the beliefs that are most important to your family?

In today's post,  guest contributor Dr. Jason Lee, Dean of the School of Biblical and Theological Studies, provides insight about the importance of Cedarville's Doctrinal Statement and how it informs our approach to Christ-centered higher education.

P.S. Tomorrow is the application fee waiver deadline. Encourage students to apply by midnight tomorrow, and we'll waive the $30 application fee!

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Posted in Spiritual Growth Why Christ Centered Higher Education?

Reminder: Application Fee Waiver Expires November 1

October 28, 2016

Posted in Admissions

Are Online Courses a Good Fit for Your Student?

October 26, 2016

College Now Logo

Dual credit programs have become an important part of offsetting the high cost of a college education. Typical courses taken for dual credit are general education courses that meet requirements for most any degree – courses in literature, history, psychology, anthropology, or biology, to name a few.

While it is true that students can take these kinds of courses at any liberal arts college, Christian parents recognize the importance of the general education core in shaping their student’s view of the world and their place in it. This is why Cedarville University offers many general education courses to high school students through its College Now program. Since many courses are offered online, students living anywhere in the country can benefit from Cedarville’s biblically integrated and rigorous general education courses

But parents often have questions about whether their student can be successful in an online course. In today's post, guest contributor Paula Kordic, Cedarville’s Dual Enrollment Coordinator, offers some insight that will help you understand the differences between learning in a face-to-face classroom and learning in an online environment.

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Posted in Academics College Now Why Christ Centered Higher Education?