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Making Sense of Critical Cultural Issues

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Making Sense of Critical Cultural Issues

October 22, 2010

Did you receive our TORCH magazine? The latest issue entitled “Responding to Poverty” explores the complex issues related to how Christians should respond to the great needs around us and in our world. Read articles by our faculty and other leading evangelical thinkers who wrestle with and present biblical insights.

Cedarville University is engaging the difficult issues of our day and providing thoughtful, biblical perspectives. That’s the mission of our TORCH magazine, but it’s also a priority of the Cedarville academic experience.

This week's Critical Concern Series with Dr. Mark Yarhouse addressed the issue "Help for Those who Experience Same-Sex Attraction: Guidance for Parents, Pastors, and Friends." As Christians, we have to engage the tough issues and discern them from a biblical perspective.

Students’ values are shaped and become their own during the college years. Another reason why truly Christ-centered higher education is so important and worth the investment …

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