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A Parent's Role in the College Decision Process

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A Parent's Role in the College Decision Process

June 5, 2010

Parents play an extremely important role in the college decision – often being the first to sort through the mounds of college mail, encouraging your students in this significant life decision, and for most families, determining how to fund this all-important investment. How can you best help your student through the process?

  • First and foremost, pray! Commit the college decision to God, and be confident in His direction and provision.
  • Help your student develop a list of criteria to evaluate college and universities. Your student needs your long-term perspective to evaluate what is truly important.
  • Discuss the importance of Christ-centered higher education. Sadly, the #1 outcome of the university experience in the United States is a decline in students' faith. Higher education is NOT value-neutral. Investing in a Cedarville education where faith is encouraged and our rigorous academic programs equip your student to succeed personally and professionally could not be more important!
  • Visit college campuses together and compare strengths and weaknesses. Talk about fit and how a college will shape your life for years to come. Many families visit Cedarville more than once! You are always welcome here.

Thank you for partnering with your student as they embark on this life-changing adventure! Watch for our next post … Our president Dr. Bill Brown writes about the value of Christ-centered higher education.

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