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Choosing a Major - How Can a Parent Help?

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Choosing a Major - How Can a Parent Help?

November 7, 2011

How many students come to Cedarville University unsure of their major? Quite a few, and even more change their mind later! Nearly 15 percent of freshmen at Cedarville begin with a major of "undeclared," a statistic that reflects the national average. At some point, 25 percent of all students will have an undeclared major, and more than half of Cedarville students will change their major at least once.

We are committed to guiding students through the major selection process. From our highly successful "choose a major" events (watch video) and the free Career Direct educational decision-making tool to academic advising, interest surveys, and a spiritual gifts inventory, we offer the resources and services that help students achieve their educational and career goals.

Even our 2011-12 webinar series included a parent presentation entitled "How to Choose a Major."

Sometimes parents ask if their undecided student should just take a year off after high school to stay at home and "decide." Actually, the opposite is usually true! By beginning the college experience, taking general education classes, interacting with faculty and friends, and trying new things, students refine their academic interests and choose a career path. Generally speaking, there is plenty of time to choose a major by the end of the freshman year.

In fact, there are some advantages to starting undeclared. For instance, students are assigned to an advisor with a broader focus who is trained to help with this decision. We've posted a list of "10 Action Steps" for choosing a major. We hope this resource will be a help to you and your student.

Cedarville's approach to undeclared students is student focused and collaborative. Many departments are involved, and the services are as varied as the questions and concerns of our students:

It was a professor who took me aside after my Fundamentals of Speech class and asked, "Have you considered communication as a major?" That question changed the direction of my life, and I'm so thankful. It will be exciting to hear how God leads your student in the coming weeks and months!

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