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The Creation Debate at Christian Colleges

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The Creation Debate at Christian Colleges

October 27, 2011

Last year about this time, Parent Prep highlighted a WORLD magazine article entitled "Riding the Rapids." The writer, Marvin Olasky, presented evidence found in Grand Canyon rocks that is challenging Christian colleges' divergent stands on evolution.

The debate about how Christian colleges are teaching origins has only heated up since last fall. Consider these recent publications with very different perspectives:

You may be surprised to know that Cedarville University's creationist approach to scientific research and study is unique even among the 100+ CCCU member institutions (Council for Christian Colleges and Universities).

If you would like to learn more about Cedarville's stand on the creation and evolution debate, read our fall 2009 Torch magazine entitled "The Creation Verdict." Inside you'll find insightful faculty perspectives and scientific evidence for God’s hand in creation.

Serving nearly all students through general education classes, Cedarville's science and math department is one of the largest and most comprehensive of any evangelical Christian university in the country. Expert faculty, outstanding science facilities, state-of-the-art laboratory instrumentation, and an award-winning computer network provide a challenging environment for undergraduate study. But, studying biology, physics, geology, origins, bioethics, or chemistry through the lens of biblical truth is what sets Cedarville apart.

Students’ values are shaped and become their own during the college years. That is why engaging the mind through the lens of biblical truth is critical and why truly Christ-centered higher education is worth the investment!

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