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Sticker Shock and Choosing a College

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Sticker Shock and Choosing a College

April 2, 2012

Many factors merge together when it's time to make a final college choice. Availability of major, opportunities for spiritual growth, quality of residence halls, reputation of the institution, distance from home, and recommendations from friends and family all have a part in the decision. But, one of the most important factors (and for some, the "deal-maker or deal-breaker") is a university's total cost.

In the last presentation of our 2011-12 Parent Prep webinar series, you will gain advice and perspective on your student's investment in a college education. We will help you navigate through the costs — and hidden costs — of enrollment. Don't let sticker shock drive you away from the ideal university for your student!

Register today for our next parent webinar: "Sticker Shock: Making the Final Decision."

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