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Welcoming the Stranger: a challenging and biblical perspective

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Welcoming the Stranger: a challenging and biblical perspective

July 3, 2012

Article posted by Joel Tomkinson, director of marketing and editor of Cedarville University's Torch magazine

Immigration is a hot-button issue in this political climate. From the media sound bytes to your next door neighbor, a lot of people are saying a lot of things about immigration, and one thing’s for sure: almost everybody is mad. Since immigration had not affected me personally in any discernible way, I was content to leave the issue alone with only a general sense that they must call it illegal immigration for a reason, so what's there to discuss?

When Cedarville announced its October 2011 G92 Immigration Conference on a biblical approach to immigration, my responsibilities as director of marketing meant I was fully engaged in planning and pulling together resources and ideas to market this conference beyond our campus. By the time the conference rolled around, I was invested in the topic, and I wanted to learn more. I attended nearly all of the sessions, listening to and exploring fascinating perspectives on immigration I’d never previously considered.

G92 challenged Christ-followers to model Christ’s example toward all who are marginalized. At the same time, there were practical ideas for immigration reform as our current legislation is neither effective nor just for the federal government or for immigrants.

The spring/summer issue of Cedarville’s Torch magazine on immigration is a taste of the viewpoints represented at last fall’s conference. Most of the articles are by evangelical leaders who presented at G92 and are shaping the national conversation on immigration today.

While Torch’s purpose is not to change everyone’s minds, it does fulfill its promise to “make sense of today’s critical issues from a biblical perspective.”

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About the Torch:

Cedarville University is engaging the difficult issues of our day and providing thoughtful, biblical perspectives. That's the mission of our award-winning Torch magazine. Torch reflects Cedarville's commitment to helping students wrestle with difficult issues, develop a distinctly biblical worldview, and engage their world with the heart and mind of Jesus Christ.

Students' values are shaped and become their own during the college years. Another reason why truly Christ-centered higher education is so important and worth the investment ...

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