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Fall Colors

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Fall Colors

October 20, 2012

Sarah Allen, associate director for guest services, contributed today's post about campus visits at Cedarville University.

Pumpkin chai lattes, cozy sweaters, red leaves, and a beautiful lake in the middle of it all — this is my favorite time of year at Cedarville!

I can vividly remember being on my way to a Bible class my freshman year and crunching through the leaves with my friends. We were on our way from chapel, and I left the service with an increased desire to discover and fulfill God’s will for my life. At that moment, I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else. I felt close to the Lord, close to these brothers and sisters in Christ, and excited about the future.

I’d love to have you and your student come and experience the same thing!

It’s absolutely true that there is “no place like home.” This statement resonates with those who attend Cedarville. Attending chapel, going to class, grabbing lunch in Chuck’s (our campus dining hall), dodging students on bikes and longboards — it’s all part of being a student at Cedarville.

It’s hard to imagine your child learning, eating, and living in a place that you haven’t seen in person. Our campus visit team thrives on helping families plan personalized visits that help them experience the parts of campus that are most important to them. Because this is one of the biggest decisions your family will make, we take seriously the task of assisting you in seeing everything you want to see during your time in our “home.” For some families, this is a meeting with a particular faculty member or coach. For others, it might be sitting in on classes all day. We’d be happy to arrange anything we can for you!

There is always something happening on campus, and Student Life and Athletics would love to have you join them at any of their events! From volleyball to soccer to basketball, there are always fall and winter sports to watch. If you’d like to see a movie that’s playing on campus or watch a student’s senior theatre performance, you are more than welcome to join current students in enjoying these activities.

So what are you waiting for? There are chai lattes, incredible chapel speakers, whitecaps on Cedar Lake, and a life-changing educational experience waiting for you and your student to check out at Cedarville!

Schedule your visit today!

Sarah Clift Allen ’06 is a proud graduate from the Cedarville University School of Business, with a degree in management and a minor in organizational communication. She earned her Masters of Business Administration at Taylor University. After working in event planning and student programming in Alumni Relations, Sarah moved to University Admissions in the role of Associate Director in 2008. Here, she can fulfill her passion of assisting high school and college students in discovering God’s plan for their life — or at least the next step!

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