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How to Save $30,000 on College Costs

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How to Save $30,000 on College Costs

March 27, 2013

In 2011-12 in the state of Ohio alone, more than 16,000 high school students took college classes as part of a dual enrollment option (OHIO.GOV). Dual enrollment can be a great way to save money on overall college costs and help students prepare for the rigors of college-level work.

Cedarville University offers Dual Enrollment with both on-campus and online options, during the summer or during the academic year. Here are four reasons to consider Cedarville University Dual Enrollment for your student:

1. Savings: Our courses cost $150 per credit hour, which is 80% off normal tuition rates. Additionally, students can save up to $30,000 with our DE+3 option. (With DE+3, a student completes enough courses during high school to graduate from college in just three years, saving as much as $30,000 in total college costs. *Due to extensive course requirements, some majors are unable to be completed in three years. Total savings will vary by student.

2. Convenience: Our Dual Enrollment classes are offered online (summer, fall, spring) or on campus for local students. Distance from Cedarville is never an issue, and students have the flexibility to accommodate a busy schedule.

3. Christian Worldview: All of our courses are taught from a biblical worldview by Cedarville faculty. Even with our online format, there is plenty of professor and student interaction.

4. Rigorous Coursework: Our Dual Enrollment classes challenge students and help prepare them for college. All courses have a mix of current Cedarville students and other high school students.

We are now accepting applications for summer and fall terms. Check out our admissions criteria and contact the admissions office with any questions.

Kevin NappKevin Napp serves as the Assistant Director for Dual Enrollment and Transfer students. Prior to this role, he served as an admissions counselor working with incoming freshman students. Feel free to contact him at (1-800-CEDARVILLE) with any Dual Enrollment questions.

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