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Learning Is an Act of Worship

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Learning Is an Act of Worship

August 31, 2012

Fall Bible Conference, Rob Turner APEXI attended Fall Bible Conference at Cedarville University last Wednesday morning. The speaker, Dr. Rob Turner, pastor of APEX Community Church in Kettering, Ohio, challenged students to consider their academic pursuits as an act of worship.

Besides my thoroughly enjoying Dr. Rob's presentation (I'd encourage you to download the podcast!), his thoughts affirmed what makes Christ-centered higher education so unique and so important.

His points: Consider first that all truth is God's truth. Whether students are exploring biology or literature, they are learning more about God's character and power. Second, learning is not an end in and of itself. How we approach academics and how we apply what we learn should prepare us to make a difference in this world for Christ. Finally, God "walks us to school" every day and loves us unconditionally as we wrestle with the difficult questions of life.

As you help your student with a college search, discuss the importance of Christ-centered higher education. Visit a campus like Cedarville to see the difference that a rigorous academic program delivered in an authentic Christian community can make!

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