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Saving Money on Textbooks

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Saving Money on Textbooks

December 13, 2012

College textbooks are a major college expense that may be overlooked in budget planning. According to an August 2012 news story, the average American student now spends $655 per year on textbooks.

Textbooks are important to academic success, but are there ways to cut costs?

In recent years, textbook industry prices have been on the rise. Despite how important textbooks are to learning, students have found them increasingly difficult to afford.

At Cedarville University, we are launching a new program that will make the textbook-buying process as painless as possible ... and save you the most money.

Get to know CU Select!

CU Select is a new program that provides.

  • A direct link to the student schedule system so you can view required texts for all courses.
  • Comparison shopping options so that you can view the University Bookstore price for texts along with the price of other online sources like Amazon, Half, Barnes & Noble, and others.
  • The ability to order books a la carte from the vendor that that makes the most sense for each title.

Another important factor to keep in mind as you are purchasing textbooks is whether a book is required or recommended. Required texts are those that faculty have indicated are a necessary part of the course and should always be acquired by the student. Recommended texts are those that support the course and can give more insight, but are not necessary for completion of the course.

Beyond textbooks, students need many supplies for college. As the Christmas season is upon us, here are 10 great gift ideas to for your future college student:

  • University Apparel
  • Bookstore gift card
  • Laptop/iPad/Book Bag
  • Headphones/Earbuds
  • Lots of Snacks
  • Warm Hat and Gloves
  • Umbrella
  • Movie Theater, Restaurant or Gas Gift Cards
  • Lots of snacks
  • Dorm Supplies (bedding, hangers, laundry hamper, under-bed storage etc.)

We look forward to serving you and your student next year!

Today's post was provided by Tammy Slone, Manager of Retail Services, at Cedarville University. Her staff is committed to giving students easy access and competitive prices on college supplies and books. Visit the University Bookstore website for Cedarville-branded gift ideas. Tammy has been employed at Cedarville for 19 years. She currently manages the post office, print shop, and bookstore. She is married to Mike, her husband of 29 years, and has two children, Michael (26) and Daniel (24). One of her favorite things about Cedarville is the numerous times that she encounters students praying together. “I have come across students praying together so many times, but every time it bring a smile to my face to see students living out their faith. What a blessing it is to work in this environment.”

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