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What Happened to the American Dream?

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What Happened to the American Dream?

September 26, 2012

Opinions about the economy dominate our daily news and nonstop political ads. Beyond the tax break rhetoric, fiscal policy blame, and national debt forecasts are real people who are losing hope, along with their jobs.

What happened to the American Dream?

On October 25–26, 2012, Cedarville University will host the American Dream Conference: Christian Perspectives on the Economy. Keynote speakers, including Arthur Brooks of the American Enterprise Institute, will explore how the American economy has become so central to our political, financial, and professional lives and what a biblical understanding of wealth really means.

You are invited! Conference sessions are free and underwritten by generous donors.

This conference is part of our Critical Concern Series, in which we bring together authors, scholars, and national leaders to articulate biblical perspectives on the complex issues of our time. Future themes include sex and relationships (2013), culture (2014), and race (2015).

Why are conferences like this important to future students?

College is a time when students engage with important topics perhaps for the first time at a deep level. At Cedarville, Critical Concern events provide a forum for students to hear perspectives on cultural issues they may not hear anywhere else — perspectives rooted in Scripture and presented with civility.

Preparing students to lead purposefully and thoughtfully is a hallmark of the Cedarville educational experience.

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