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Cleats and Trumpets

Cleats and Trumpets

October 11, 2013

Today's Parent Prep post was written by Kristen Keys, a senior social work major at Cedarville University and member of the Parent Prep editorial team. Today she highlights a U.S.News report about getting involved in college and shares her thoughts on the value of student activities in Cedarville's college experience.

Student Activities Board

Academic excellence is the priority for most parents when sending a student off to college. Cedarville University sets a high academic standard, which often motivates, challenges, and pushes us students to deliver our very best.

While the college experience needs to center on academics, homework and classes are not the only aspects of the true college experience. In their U.S. News & World Report article, "5 Reasons for Getting Involved in College ... and How to Go About It," Julie and Lindsey Mayfield, a mother-daughter team, discuss the importance of becoming involved within a college community. Extracurricular involvement goes beyond a simple "break" from academics and gives students a way to channel their stresses, passions, and interests.

The Cedarville experience includes an extensive list of ministries, athletics, music ensembles, theatre performances, and a variety of organizations – to name a few. I remember when I first heard this list at a CU Friday visit event and found myself wishing that majoring in extra-curricular activities was a possibility! Cedarville’s goal for these activities is to help create a unique experience for each student, while encouraging a stronger foundation in Christ.

As you and your student prepare for a visit to Cedarville, encourage them to consider getting involved. . . .and maybe sneak a trumpet or pair of cleats into their suitcase while you’re at it!

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