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Living the Dorm Life

Living the Dorm Life

February 5, 2014

Choosing a major, figuring out a financial plan, and researching the spiritual climate are all vital steps in choosing a Christian college. However, there is another vital piece that your student must consider – dorm life!

Kristen Baker, a contributing columnist in James Madison University’s The Breeze, reports: “Moving out of your parents’ house is a huge step into adulthood and dorm life gives individuals a sense of freedom without putting too much on their plates; it is the perfect transition stage in between your parents’ home and living on your own.”

Residence life at Cedarville University is very intentional about facilitating this transition. In addition to fostering lifelong friendships and unforgettable college memories, the residence halls are where a community of Christian peers does life together, growing in relationships with one another and with Christ ... 24/7. 

Approximately 80% of Cedarville's undergraduate students live on campus. Dorms house both upperclassmen and underclassmen who live and learn together sharing their diverse backgrounds, opinions, and experiences. Life in the residence halls is designed to promote spiritual growth, while encouraging healthy academic habits and providing opportunities for learning how to live in a community.

Leadership is provided to each residence hall by the residence hall staff including a full-time staff member who serves as a resident director (RD) and student resident assistants (RAs). These leaders are responsible for maintaining an atmosphere that supports success and is conducive to spiritual, academic, and social growth.

Living on campus provides an environment to help you internalize Cedarville's core values. The conversations that flow from living together allow students to apply the principles of loving God and others. Our desire is that students' experiences outside the classroom help to shape the way they think about and live out the Gospel in everyday life.

Cedarville wants your student to enjoy residence life to its fullest! Find out how your student can apply and become an active part of the Cedarville University student body!

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