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Raising Kids to Be Sexually Pure in College

Raising Kids to Be Sexually Pure in College

January 31, 2014

Please join us Monday, February 10 at 8 p.m. EST for what promises to Cedarville University Parent Prep's best attended parent webinar of the year! 

More than 150 moms and dads are already registered to be a part of Raising Kids to Be Sexually Pure in College, a 60-minute FREE, live online event led by Cedarville alumna, Dannah Gresh of Pure Freedom Ministries!

For parents who want to raise their children to honor the biblical plan for sexuality, the statistics are alarming. Throw college into the mix and you have an even greater cause for concern. If your child then heads to a public university, they’ll be living in a “hook up culture” where roughly 81% of the students will be sexually active. This drops to roughly 65% at Catholic or private colleges. The best news yet is that on a Christian evangelical campus where even secular social scientists say “hook up culture” is replaced by “purity culture,” only 21% admit to full sexual intercourse. (And, this doesn't take into account all the sexual interaction that can take place between an innocent kiss and intercourse.)

Those statistics can be alarming and overwhelming to many parents who are preparing to send their student to college. So, what can a Christian parent do to equip their college-bound high school student to live a sexually pure life away from the safeguards of home? 

Dannah Gresh, a Christian sexuality expert who has been featured on Fox News and on and was honored to defend a conservative view of sexuality in a TED Talk, happens to be a Cedarville University alum, and will provide parents with five critical tools to ensure that their son or daughter is able to live out the values they've been taught at home while in college. Combining Scripture with social science to help you and your student develop an intelligent, faith-based approach, Gresh will guide you through important decisions and the conversations you need to have with your son or daughter.

Join us on Monday, February 10 at 8 p.m. EST for this free webinar: Raising Kids to Be Sexually Pure in College. Click here to register! 

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