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A Great Foundation for the College Year

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A Great Foundation for the College Year

September 5, 2013

Today's Parent Prep post was written by Kristen Keys, a senior social work major at Cedarville University and member of the Parent Prep editorial team. Today she shares her thoughts on the start to Cedarville's year.

To jump start the 2013-14 academic year, Cedarville University presented Jason Malone as the Fall Bible Conference speaker. Malone graduated from Cedarville in 1998 and is currently a leadership member at Summit Church in Greenville, South Carolina. His passion for Christ was addicting, as his humor-filled introductions gave way to his wise and refreshing insight of God’s Word. To hear his messages, follow this link to our online podcasts!

Malone brought familiar concepts into a new light, as he challenged each of us to examine our lives. How do I handle the pain in life? Where have I chosen to place my value? Am I truly captivated by God’s Word? 

One of the main points that Malone continually pressed was that “especially in the hard times, the world needs to see that God can overcome ALL. Jesus and the Gospel should change everything. . . .it either changes everything or it changes nothing.” He made a very humbling and thought-provoking point when he concluded the conference with this statement: “You will never get involved in the lives of other people, if your worth and value is found in what they think about you.”

Cedarville University strives for much more than academic excellence. The Cedarville experience is all about solidifying your student’s foundation in Christ, with academic excellence being only a portion of the challenge. As you help your student with a college search, discuss the importance of Christ-centered higher education. Visit a campus like Cedarville to see the difference that a rigorous academic program delivered in an authentic Christian community can make! 

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