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Why Choose a Christian College?

Why Choose a Christian College?

March 11, 2015

Photo of Cedarville's campusWe think a Christ-centered education is vital to equipping your student for a life that honors God both personally and professionally.

But why is choosing a Christian university so important? 

The No. 1 measurable outcome of a university degree in the United States is a decline in a student’s faith. Higher education is not value neutral, and students are walking away from their faith in disturbing numbers. 

But don’t just take our word for it. Christianity Today put together a great resource for parents and their high school students who are working through the decision of whether a Christian college is the right choice for them. Read through the articles and pray about where God is leading your student. Then, visit (or, better yet, come see us in person!) to discover why we think Cedarville University should be at the top of your list of Christian universities to consider. 

Parents tell us they invest in a Cedarville education for their children because they have confidence that their student’s faith will be encouraged and strengthened here. They also know our rigorous, nationally recognized academic programs will equip their young adult for personal and professional success!

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