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Happy Funding Application Day!

Happy Funding Application Day!

April 20, 2015

If you are like me, then you have been checking the Ohio Higher Ed website daily for the long anticipated funding application. Anticipation can be defined as a feeling of excitement about something that is going to happen. I wonder if the term “excitement” would be used by most parents when referring to the private school and homeschool application. Perhaps, most parents would describe the approach to the funding process with an unknown trepidation more so than excitement! It is our hope that this blogpost will answer some of your questions and make this last step any easy process for you and your family.

Now that the Nonpublic and Homeschool student funding application is available, let’s talk about your next steps. The first and most important step is to complete your Cedarville University application! Your student must have an acceptance letter from the university attached to their funding application. If your student has begun the application process, they can check on the status of their application. You can do so by logging into If your student has not begun their application, they can also log in to to start their Cedarville University application. The Cedarville University application is online and there is no application fee.

Now that you have the Cedarville University application well on its way, the Ohio Higher Ed funding form is your next step! Let’s process some of the main items to consider:

  • The instructions begin by requesting that you complete the general information in Section 1: General Information. Make certain that you use a pen, no pencils!
  • Total number of hours requested- Keep in mind that you are requesting college credit hours. Be sure to request enough credit hours to cover all the courses that you plan take without exceeding the maximum of 30 credit hours for the fall and spring semester. (If you are taking Bible or summer courses, do not include these credit hours. CCP will not fund these hours.)
  • Complete the University portion of Section 1. Cedarville University’s IRN # is 063636.
  • Private school students must have the form initialed by the principal or counselor.
  • Home school students must attach the current year written notification form OR have their funding form signed by their District Superintendent.
  • Attach the Cedarville University acceptance letter to your completed funding form and send to the address on the bottom of the funding form. Double and triple check that all the items have been completed so that your funding application is not delayed.

You may wonder when you can begin to send the form into the state. Last year the form could not be sent to the state until May 15th. This year’s funding form does not appear to have a start date. On your mark, set, go, right? Before you start running fast, hard and possibly panic, let’s look at this year’s CCP rules. Funding has been explained as a top to bottom funding system this year. What I mean is seniors, juniors, sophomores, etc. will be the order to receive the funding. If you look at the top right corner of your funding application, it notes date received and number issued. There still appears to be a consideration for getting your application in promptly but the deadline is June 15, 2015. When you have completed your funding form and have your Cedarville University acceptance letter in hand, I recommend that you send this precious package certified mail. Last year, one of our potential students was not able to get funding because their application was lost in the mail. A certified letter will give you confirmation of receipt of your package to the state.

I hope that this information provides you a solid start to finishing your funding form for your student’s fall ‘15- spring ’16. If your student is attending a private school, please check with your school guidance counselor for specific school requirements.

If you have more funding specific questions, please contact the state’s representative: Wendy Cantrell at 614.728.5002 or

Has your student completed their Cedarville University College Now application? Apply now!

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