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Have Your Students Completed Their CCP Letter of Intent?

Have Your Students Completed Their CCP Letter of Intent?

March 25, 2015

In our most recent post, Janice Supplee noted that the reason we decided to start this blog was to “…share information with those who care deeply about a biblical worldview for their students’ education and are eager to take advantage of the benefits of free college courses through Ohio’s College Credit Plus program.” While both public and nonpublic students can take advantage of this opportunity and students in both categories come from homes that care deeply about a biblically centered education, the focus of our blog, for now, is the nonpublic school and its students. There are a couple reasons for this focus.

First, nonpublic students, which include those in private schools and home schools, must understand and follow a much more detailed process for securing College Credit Plus (CCP) funding than public school students. Second, the rules governing how secondary schools and colleges/universities will proceed under the new law focus mostly on the public school and “college in the classroom.”

As the state of Ohio transforms the outgoing PSEO program into the new CCP program, the forms and procedures are being rolled out one-by-one. Here is what we know so far according to Ohio Higher Ed.

  1. Nonpublic students must complete, sign, and submit a Letter of Intent to the Ohio Department of Education by April 1.
    1. Forms are posted for download at
    2. Both homeschool and private school students are instructed on the form to submit it directly to the Ohio Department of Education.
    3. Provision is made this year for sending the form electronically. If the form is mailed, I suggest sending it certified mail so that you can prove the date on which it was mailed.
    4. This letter is exactly what it states: intent to participate. There is no penalty if your students do not follow through (even after they have submitted the funding application), however, not submitting this form closes the door to participation for academic year 2015-16.
  2. Students should complete their applications for admission to a participating university. If your students plan to apply for admission to Cedarville University’s College Now and CCP program -- and we hope they will -- the process is easy!

We know that a funding application for non-public students is being created, and you are probably watching Ohio Higher Ed’s website as closely as we are for the application to be posted online. I spoke with Charles See, assistant deputy chancellor for external relations at Ohio Board of Regents, about two weeks ago regarding progress on the application. He indicated that it was in process, and he was unsure what the deadline would be for submitting the application. As soon as we see the application online, we will post to this blog and provide as much information as we can about the instructions for completing and submitting it.

For now, have your students submitted their CCP Letter of Intent?

Paula Kordic, College Now Coordinator and Academic Advisor

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