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Religious Freedom Summit Recap

Religious Freedom Summit Recap

November 5, 2014

Religious Freedom SummitIn today's public square, a critical topic continues to be religious freedom. That is why Cedarville University was excited to host the Religious Freedom Summit in conjunction with The Chuck Colson Center for Christian Worldview. On October 9-10, experts from across the United States came to Cedarville to discuss the assault on religious freedom in the United States. The 400 participants engaged in a discussion with the national experts, including Hobby Lobby President Steve Green, on ways to preserve religious freedom.

“Religious freedom is what allows places like Cedarville to have a place in the public square," said Jennifer Marshall, Vice President at The Heritage Foundation and a keynote speaker at the Summit. “Religious freedom is the principle in law that allows individuals to speak and act in private and in public according to their convictions.” Participants were challenged by speakers like Marshall as they thought through the topic of religious freedom and how our culture is subtly...and not so subtly...oppressing those freedoms.

In addition to the in-depth dialogue on religious freedom, the Summit also opened some opportunities for Cedarville University students to begin discussing internship opportunities with some of the like-minded organizations at the event. Cedarville is expected to hold another Summit next year, although the topic has not yet been determined.

Because we feel this topic is worthy of discussion within the Christian community at large, we have made this conference available to you free of charge. Video and audio recordings are now available at Cedarville's Religious Freedom Summit site. We encourage you to listen to the sessions as well as pass this resource along to others. May you be blessed as we were as you listen and are challenged by the speakers from the October Religious Freedom Summit.

Listen to Jennifer Marshall's Comments:

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