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Cedarville Seniors Reflecting on Their Education

Cedarville Seniors Reflecting on Their Education

April 22, 2015

graduation groupFor today’s post, we thought you would enjoy hearing from some of our graduating seniors, six students who are nearing the completion of their college experience. Read their stories of how God has worked in their lives through Cedarville University, and be encouraged as you look forward to what God has for your student in the next life-transforming four years.

“Cedarville is one of the instruments the Lord has used to show me the preeminence of the Gospel in all aspects of life. Throughout my four years at Cedarville, the Lord has stretched and grown me in multiple ways. However, a deep and meaningful understanding of the beauty of the Gospel, both socially and spiritually, best sums up the education with which Cedarville has equipped me.”
— Alanna Franklin

“One of the most formative elements of my Cedarville experience has been residence life. When I arrived on campus as a freshman, I was placed in a great unit and quickly developed relationships with many of the guys. A couple of us lived in the same unit all four years! My RA and other upperclassmen took time to intentionally invest in my life through small groups and intentional discipleship. When my RA suggested that I apply to be an RA, I decided that I wanted to have the same opportunity to impact students like the way my RA impacted me. Over the past three years, I have had the opportunity to serve as an RA, and my time in the residence halls has been filled with great memories. Together, we have enjoyed late-night movies, trips to Red's games, and intramural sports. Above the fun memories, I will never forget the Gospel conversations and spontaneous prayer times that have happened during my time in the residence hall. God has used the men in my hall to encourage me to look more like Christ. I am incredibly thankful for how God has used residence life at Cedarville to deepen my love for Him and my love for others.”
— Sam DeLoye

“I remember coming to Cedarville telling myself, "Okay, this isn't one big youth group. I can't expect everyone to be focused on knowing Christ more." I've come to find that I was right and wrong. True, it would be a lie to say that EVERYONE at Cedarville is looking to grow spiritually, but I've met, befriended, mentored, and been mentored by many students, faculty, and staff who are desperate to make Jesus central in their life. I firmly believe that a student at this university who is open to developing spiritually will find themselves knowing and loving Christ and His body significantly more when graduation rolls around. When I think about the community that comes from living in the residence halls, the service experienced as a member of a ministry team, and the knowledge of our God gained through chapel and the Bible minor, I wonder how people don't grow! Four years later, I'm now telling myself, "I can't wait to make a difference in the world as a person who's been continually transformed by Jesus Christ." So much of that transformation has come during my time at Cedarville.”
— Greg Honchel

“At Cedarville I have been pursuing the desire God has planted in my heart to serve international refugees from the Middle East. God has used every experience, my classes, the all-nighters, the research papers, and professors to teach me about God’s heart for all peoples and to develop my heart for the Middle East. Through Cedarville I have been able to participate in discipleship ministries and residence life where God pruned my ability to lead a Bible study and small-group discussion. Through Global Outreach and Study Abroad, I have been able to spend a substantial amount of time in the Middle East. All of these experiences, and then some, have prepared me for international ministry and sharing the Gospel with the unreached — something I could never have expected for myself upon entering college.

God works at Cedarville, and He has used the resources at this University and the time that faculty and staff have invested into my life into preparing me well for life as a post-grad. I thought I understood God, the world, and my calling in life before coming. And now I realize that there is no amount of understanding that can ever compare to chasing after God and following His will. Cedarville has taught me that.”
— Jordan Luce

“As a senior in high school, I dreamed of majoring in biology with the ultimate goal of attending medical school. In August of 2011, I took the first step toward that goal by driving onto Cedarville’s beautiful campus as an excited, though nervous, freshman. My spiritual growth was stagnant throughout much of high school, and I had intended to stay that way through my college years. God had different plans. God immediately used Cedarville’s Fall Bible Conference to convict me of my apathy. On a Tuesday night, Dr. Michael Easley preached on the Christian life and the essential prioritization of Christ above all else. It was through that evening service that God rewrote the plans of my life and led me into an unforeseen direction. That night, I anxiously called my parents to tell them the big news. I decided to change my major to youth ministry

Now, I am at the end of my journey. Four years have passed, and I’m once again nervously awaiting the next step God has for me. However, I am proud to say that I’m ready to take that next step because of all the ways Cedarville encouraged me to walk ever closer with Christ. When I contemplate my time spent here at Cedarville, I think about life-changing decisions. I also think about lifelong friends and loving mentors. Most importantly, I think about learning to love and serve Christ more faithfully.”
— Andrew Gutberlett

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