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The Value of a College Degree

The Value of a College Degree

February 2, 2015

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On occasion, we like to call out recent articles that provide helpful perspective for parents for future college students. Today's post highlights a blog from Liberty Street Economics about the value of a college degree.

In recent article on the Liberty Street Economics blog titled The Value of a College Degree, the authors state that due to rising college costs, mounting student debt, and graduates struggling to find good jobs, people are beginning to question whether it is worth the cost to get a college degree.

Is that concern justified? 

The authors determined that a bachelor’s degree is still worth the investment, especially when earned in four years. In fact, the authors determined that despite the aftermath of the Great Recession, the value of a bachelor’s degree remains near its all-time high. Read the full article now.

We believe that a Cedarville University education is definitely worth the investment. Our placement rates remain high and are consistently 8-10 percentage points higher than the national averages. Our graduates are not only getting jobs, they are getting jobs within their field of study.

And, we have worked to keep our costs as low as possible while increasing scholarships significantly. We are doing everything we can to make a Christ-centered education at Cedarville affordable to families of all income levels, making the value of your investment even greater.

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