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Why Start This Blog?

Why Start This Blog?

March 19, 2015

From March 2-5, Leanne Rubosky and I connected with 26 guidance counselors and homeschool leaders across the state of Ohio. We were in Akron, Youngstown, Cleveland, Toledo, Columbus, Dayton, and Cincinnati. It was a whirlwind 3-1/2 days, traveling through the wet and snowy roads that marked (hopefully) the final days of a long winter. Our travels connected us with educators at schools and restaurants. We shared good food, talked, distributed materials ... and listened! We learned a LOT!

Here are some of our takeaways:

  1. Everyone is still learning! College Credit Plus (CCP) is new, state forms are still in development, and school leaders are grappling with how the new program will affect their students and their schools. For that matter, Cedarville is learning, too, and thinking through the implications of CCP on billing procedures, course scheduling, staffing needs, and more!
  2. There is tremendous interest! School leaders are interested in the program; parents are excited about the possibilities of saving money on college; and students seem ready for the new educational opportunities.
  3. College Credit Plus could be a game-changer! The lines between secondary school and college are blurring. High schools are now educating students who are taking college classes, and colleges are enrolling current high school students. The state is pushing us to rethink what being "in college" really means or what "college-level work" actually entails. It's a new challenge and a new opportunity.
  4. For Christian schools and homeschooling families who are seeking to educate students from a biblical worldview, College Credit Plus creates some challenges. How do they respond to students who are eager for free college classes, but may be studying under secular university professors whose worldviews oppose all that the student is learning at school and at home?

It is Takeaway #4 that excites us about being involved with College Credit Plus. (Believe me, Cedarville isn't involved because it's easy or lucrative!) We have the privilege of partnering with Christian educators to provide quality collegiate education from a distinctly biblical worldview. Our online courses make Cedarville courses available to any college-ready 7th-12th grade student in the state of Ohio. Wow, what an awesome opportunity!

 Leanne, Paula Kordic, and I decided to start this blog to share information with those who care deeply about a biblical worldview for their students' education and are eager to take advantage of the benefits of free college courses through Ohio's College Credit Plus program.

We hope you'll subscribe, watch for our periodic updates, and post comments and questions as we learn together! Your feedback will help guide future updates that address your most pressing concerns and questions about College Credit Plus. Let's continue this conversation...

Janice Supplee, Vice President for Enrollment Management and Marketing
Paula Kordic, College Now Coordinator and Academic Advisor
Leanne Rubosky, Associate Director for High School and Transfer Student Enrollment

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