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Cedarville Responds to SCOTUS Marriage Ruling

Cedarville Responds to SCOTUS Marriage Ruling

September 8, 2015

SCOTUS marriage rulingThis summer the U.S. Supreme Court issued a decision in favor of same-sex marriage. Now churches, Christian colleges, and all believers in Jesus Christ must carefully consider how their commitment to biblical truth will lead them to respond to and engage with this critical cultural issue.

Cedarville University has stood for the Word of God and testimony of Jesus Christ since its founding in 1887. Knowing that a decision by a human authority does not change eternal truth, the University continues to uphold the biblical definition of marriage as the covenant relationship of one man and one woman for life -- a beautiful picture of Christ and His Church.

We don’t know how this ruling will affect the University in the future, but one thing you can be sure of: 

We will not waver from what Scripture teaches. 

You can be sure that at Cedarville University, your son or daughter will have influencers who are faithful to the Word of God, and not swayed by a changing culture.

Cedarville's president, Thomas White, has been sought out to offer expert opinion on the ruling by WORD-FM Pittsburgh and Moody Radio Network, where he boldly stood for the truth of God’s Word.

On Monday, August 31, Dr. White spoke on the biblical view of marriage in Cedarville’s daily chapel service. Watch it in our chapel archive

This is the bold, biblical leadership you will find at Cedarville University. 

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