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Increasing Scholarships with ACT/SAT Prep Courses

Increasing Scholarships with ACT/SAT Prep Courses

May 18, 2016

photo of hand with pencil filling in answers on a testIf you are the parent of a high school junior, you and your student have probably already started thinking about ACT and SAT standardized tests. You likely know that colleges use these scores when making admissions decisions, but did you know that schools also use them when handing out scholarships?

Taking the extra time – and perhaps spending a little extra money – to take test prep courses for standardized tests may pay off for your student. Improving a test score by just a point or two can sometimes mean thousands of dollars in extra scholarships over the course of your student’s four years in college. Check out Cedarville’s academic scholarship offerings to see how test scores make a difference.

Read “Test Prep Can Improve Scores for College Admissions and Scholarships” to learn more, and then get started looking for the right prep course for your student! You’ll find different options – including online, private, and group courses – so you can choose one that best fits your student’s needs and your budget.

Here are some websites to help you get started:

We wish your student success on the first step of the college journey!

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