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Mentors Matter: The Biggest Blown Opportunity in Higher Ed History

Mentors Matter: The Biggest Blown Opportunity in Higher Ed History

January 18, 2016

A recent online Gallup article lists a lack of mentoring as the “biggest blown opportunity in higher ed history.” Citing results from the largest representative study of U.S. college graduates, Gallup determined that where students go to college matters less to their work life and well-being after graduation than how they went to college. Feeling supported and having deep learning experiences during college mean everything when it comes to long-term outcomes after college. A key way that college students receive that support – mentoring – is, unfortunately, often lacking at institutions of higher education and thus, a “blown opportunity."

But Cedarville University is different. We take mentoring our students seriously and are intentional about incorporating it throughout campus. Below is just a sampling of ways we mentor our students.

  • Discipleship Ministries – This ministry fosters spiritual growth and life change through small groups and mentoring relationships, following Christ’s example of training disciples who, in turn, disciple others. Currently, nearly 1,000 students participate in Discipleship Ministries.
  • Fit to be Tied – This is a mentoring program for engaged or seriously dating couples. As part of this program, each couple is paired with a faculty or staff mentor couple to meet with regularly throughout the year. Currently, there are 52 couples involved in this program.
  • Student Life – Student Life provides students with opportunities to use their God-given gifts while gaining real-world experience and confidence in their skills, all while being mentored by a staff member who helps and leads them in their efforts. Currently, there are more than 70 students who work for Student Life providing the day-to-day operations for some of Cedarville’s most visible services.
  • Residence Life – Resident Directors (RDs) are staff members who oversee a group of about 10 student Resident Assistants (RAs). RDs meet regularly with their RAs to build into their lives and mentor them in leadership and spiritual development. Likewise, the RAs then become mentors for the younger students living with them. 
  • Career Services – A full-time staff of professional career coaches meet with students on an individual basis to help them determine a major, learn job search strategies, and prepare for interviews. 

Beside these opportunities, your student will have dedicated faculty members who are committed to building relationships with their students both inside and outside the classroom, whether meeting for coffee, praying together after class, or having students in their homes. As a parent, you can be assured that Cedarville takes seriously the idea of mentoring. Here, your student will find the support he or she needs to grow academically, emotionally, and spiritually during the critical college years. 

P.S. Has your student been accepted for next year? Be sure to deposit early to reserve your student’s place in the fall 2016 class!

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